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Inspiration Behind "Black Moses"

  It was approaching summer 2020 when my co-writer, Brad Wilson and I talked about the pandemic lockdown and how oppressive it was generally. We wondered how long it would last as we spoke of lack of earnings and our mutual yearnings; yearning most of all for a return to church to partake in the sweet communion of the Divine Liturgy as we are both Orthodox Christians. At the end Brad encouraged, "Not to worry mate, hopefully it will soon be over." I fired back with a kind of melodic metaphor, "Yeah, then we can step out in the sunlight". Brad ran with it and to my surprise soon called me up to introduce a new song. I was amazed! At first, we called it Step Out focussing on what I had said to him in our last conversation but then the first line threw me. It ran, "Like Moses in the wilderness..." but sounded like "Black Moses in the wilderness..." to me. Hence that's what I recorded and sent it back to him. We both laughed and thought ok let
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Right Veneration of the Saints

“It is true that Christians pay religious honor to the memory of the martyrs, both to excite us to imitate them and to obtain a share in their merits, and the assistance of their prayers. But we build altars not to any martyr, but to the God of martyrs, although it is to the memory of the martyrs. No one officiating at the altar in the saints' burying-place ever says, We bring an offering to you, O Peter! Or O Paul! Or O Cyprian! The offering is made to God, who gave the crown of martyrdom, while it is in memory of those thus crowned. The emotion is increased by the associations of the place, and love is excited both towards those who are our examples, and towards Him by whose help we may follow such examples.” “We regard the martyrs with the same affectionate intimacy that we feel towards holy men of God in this life, when we know that their hearts are prepared to endure the same suffering for the truth of the gospel. There is more devotion in our feeling towards the martyrs, beca


Christ, our Lord, taught us to pray, “Our Father”. So when we say this prayer we are addressing the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ who becomes our Father by adoption. With this in mind, how can we deny that Mary the mother of our Lord is also our mother by a similar adoption.  Adoption because God is not and will never be our Father in the same manner as He is the Father of our Lord seeing that Christ Jesus is the only begotten One. Similarly, Mary will never be our mother in the same manner as Christ is the one she gave birth to and not any of us. Yet when our Lord hung there on the cross He instructed his disciple and His mother thus. When Jesus therefore saw his mother, and the disciple standing by, whom he loved, he saith unto his mother, Woman, behold thy son! Then saith he to the disciple, Behold thy mother! And from that hour that disciple took her unto his own home. (Joh 19:26-27) That is the adoption to which I refer that makes us, who are disciples of Christ, adopted sons an

The Inspiration behind "Everybody Should Know"

Friends , ​this song was my first attempt at an explicitly gospel reggae song. It’s about the paradoxical nature of our Lord Jesus Christ in that He is both the Son of God and yet the Son of Man. He is also the highest yet ought to be recognised in the poor and humble.  I used a free beat courtesy of Small Axe Music Production that seemed to enhance this feeling I intended to convey. The trumpets proclaim the urgency of the acknowledgment of His Great Majesty while His humility is grounded in the mid tempo reggae groove. A truly enjoyable experience for me which I hope you the listeners can relate to. Song credits: Vocals/lyrics: Don Hartley Music & Production: Sefton Simpson Listen to Everybody Should Know here